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As part of our mission to be the best resource for languages and cultures, Asia for Kids offers interesting articles, fact sheets, guidelines, and activities for parents, educators, and kids.Not sure what zodiac sign you were born under? Then, check out our Lunar New Year section or Kids' Corner. Looking for the date of the Moon Festival in 1999? Then, see our '99 Holiday Calendar.

For families with children form Asia we have listed helpful resources and materials to aid you in the process in our Adoption Corner. Want to teach your child another language? Then, don't miss Parents' Corner on how to approach it. Are you looking for materials for your school or library? Then, visit our Teachers' Corner for information on how to place an order.

Facts about Asian Languages:

Bengali - a language of India
Cantonese - Chinese spoken in Guangdong province
Filipino - the national language of the Philippines since 1987 and based on Tagalog with some English and Spanish
Gujarati - a language of India
Hindi - Official language of India with many dialects
Hmong - (pronounced Mong) The language of the Hmong people from Laos, Vietnam, & Thailand
Ilokano - One of the major languages of the Philippines
Khmer - the language of Cambodia
Mandarin Chinese -Chinese spoken in most of Mainland China, Taiwan, & Singapore
Tagalog - One of the major languages of the Philippines spoken in and around Manila
Urdu - a language of India

Facts about Chinese:

Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese use the same characters.
Traditional Chinese characters - used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea and many other Asian countries
Simplified Chinese characters - used in Mainland China, Singapore & Malaysia
Pinyin (Hanyu Pinyin) - Romanization of Chinese used in mainland China
Zhuyin (Bopomofo) - phonetic symbols used for Mandarin Chinese used in Taiwan

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